Drink Like a Pirate Day

September 16, 2006


Drunk Parrot

Harrrrrrr! What a night it were!

Thank all of ye who set sails to Nordeast on me Drink Like a Pirate Day pub crawl. It be a fine success.

Ye Olde Frequently Asked Questions

Drink Like a Pirate Day? How does that work?

It be the Saturday adjacent to Talk Like a Pirate Day which be September 19th every year.

Wasn't there already a Pirate Pub Crawl in Minneapolis?

Yarrr, but it be on the same day as the Zombie Pub Crawl and many be a missing it. (We be first to announce too, but who be countin!)

What should I wear?

Ye best be dressed like a pirate.

Will we be walking far?

Pirates be having the peg legs, so no.

Do I have to talk like a pirate?

Ye could be swearing like a sailor if ye be preferring.

What be arrrr heading, cap'n?

We be starrrrrting from the 331 Club in Nordeast Minneapolis at 7pm. Tharrr be a map. Yar, it be seeming vague on purpose.

What about pirate booty?

Yar, ye be funny.

Do I have to be 21?


Can I loot, pillage, and otherwise plunder?

Tharrr be the royal ships in the harbor. If ye be caught surely ye will be keel hauled or walk the plank... if ye be lucky. Many a pirate be hanged, matey. Ye best stick to the drinking like a pirate.

Who do we love?

Overheard in Minneapolis

Overheard in Minneapolis

(We really, really love it.)